Are you ready to send your child to an international school?

The local school system in Singapore is strong and well recognized for its emphasis on learning, particularly science and mathematics. That said, many expats and even long-term resident parents might want to consider an international school for their child. there are many reasons for this choice. An international school has more facilities, and can train the child in an internationally recognized curriculum. this can stand the child in good stead when they want to migrate or get a degree from a foreign university. Before you approach any Singapore international school, you need to consider your readiness and the preparedness of your child.

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The fees at an international school can be high. On the other hand, these schools also offer more facilities and training that follows the best in international teaching methods. The curriculum will make it easier for your child to gain admission to foreign universities and find jobs abroad. Considering these factors, the cost of international schooling might be a good investment in your child’s future. You would also want to consider inflation and long-term costs of education. The fees can increase yearly, and also, you would need to spend quite a lot of money to put your child through 10 or more years of schooling. For some parents, this may not be a problem, while others need to look at their savings and income carefully when considering an international school.

Other expenses

You would need to pay for more than just the fees for tuition. An international school would need you to pay for extras, such as educational or activity tours, uniforms, books, food, transportation, and so on. It is important to consider factors such as distance from your home so that you can save time and money on transportation.

Number of children

If you have more than one child, you need to spend more to educate all your children at an international school. It is important to calculate how much this will cost you. It is important to prioritize, since the education of one child may cost you more than educating the other, owing to differences such as distance from school, fee structure, and expenses. Some schools offer lower fees for a second or third child, so you can take advantage of these allowances.


you might need to go through extensive paperwork, to get your child enrolled. you need to start thinking about these aspects a few months, or even years before you actually need to enrol the child in school.

Written by Warren Edwards

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