How do you play a part in developing your toddler’s social skills in the nursery?

In this modern era, social skills play a very vital role in an individual’s life. It is imperative that the child grows up with good moral values, hence, it is important to watch out for the social skills that the child is inculcated with both at home as well as in school. Growing up with social skills help to boost one’s self-confidence and develop them into independent individuals who can take charge of their own future.
However, it is also important to distinguish the need for special attention in terms of social skills because not all kids need that push or motivation for socially accepted behaviour as per their age. Both parents and teachers can work as a team in order to ensure that the child receives proper attention in order to have appropriate social skills.

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Identifying the social problem
Shyness: Shyness is a very common behaviour seen in kids especially outside the comfort of their homes. Kids take time to get used to certain environments or people.
Bullying: Bullying might occur due to family problems or an unhappy environment at home. This type of social problem can be handled both at home and at the nursery.
Independent Thinking: Having the ability to make their own choices in terms of what clothes to wear, who to play with or what to read is a sign of independence.
Dealing With General Social Norms: A child has to be taught the difference between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour in order to understand different social context.

Parent’s Strategies
Ensure that the kid has sufficient extracurricular activities that provides them with the platform to be socially active. This will allow them to make friends and find their comfort zone.
Ensure there’s no such behaviour/situation at home where they observe any kind of harassment and find it alright to be doing it to others.
Allowing the child to take ownership of their own activities may go a long way in helping the child to be self-reliant.
Children are a curious bunch and before schooling them on right and wrong, it’s important that parents give them proper reasons on why they are educated.

Teacher’s Strategies
Observing the kid and how he interact with his friends might give you an idea about his comfort zone. Organizing team activities and games in the nursery for toddlers would also help in understanding certain behaviour.
Using positive reinforcement to negate any bullying behaviour will help. One example is like letting the kid have a star sticker on his book if he behaves well.
Let the kids choose ways he can help in class out of the opportunities like class volunteer activities, music activities, book reports, etc. This will teach them to take initiative in the things they want to do.
Teaching them to raise their hands to seek permission or knocking on the door before entering would reinforce socially accepted behaviour where they learn what is right and wrong.

Written by Warren Edwards

Warren Edwards is a 29-year-old junior doctor who enjoys drone photography, podcasting and donating blood. He is friendly and creative, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit impatient.