How To Enhance The Skills Of Your Kid

Every parent looks upon their child as a gift from God, spending time and taking care of them to groom them into the most talented child of the neighbourhood. In their efforts to groom the child, they adopt various ways to coax the child to excel. They learn and try out new methods and also share their experiences to help other parents. Here are some of the best hand-on-ways to initiate that extra quotient in your toddler. Some of the nursery schools in Singapore have adopted such innovative programs that they have earned a reputation not only for their quality, but standard of holistic education they offer.

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First and foremost, ignite the curiosity in your child. Being curious does not make the child precocious. Curiosity is key to learning. Let’s start with him learning to experiment with his toys. He need not follow the routine moves to arrange his building blocks.

Give him freedom to think differently. The letter ‘A’ need not represent only Apple. It can be the Aeroplane he plays with. Or Aerobics he watches on the TV. Let him think independently.

Parents can instil the values of education by telling him how they will be joining him or her to a good school shortly, and tell them how there will be other children too with whom he/she can play and learn.

Parents can generate interest in reading books by gifting story books, copy books, pencils and pouches and the like. Nothing impacts better than reading stories aloud as it has been found such children, whose parent read aloud to them, exhibit increased vocabulary and strong language skills and ensure success in school. As 21st century parents, all are well aware how computer games hamper children’s reading habits, so be alert and cultivate a reading hobby early.

Sensitize your child to the natural world around him. Let him watch the insects, let him follow an ant carrying a grain of sugar to its hiding place.

Let him feel or touch mud or water. Explore a bit. Instead of using plasticine, use natural clay to play. Go on a trip to fish, swim, see the water plants, visit the zoo, watch the wild animals, go trekking, observe new plant life, spot the birds; life becomes fun, so does learning activity. Don’t get bored to answer questions like why does the woodpecker peck the wood? The more you answer, the more the child learns.

The world of indoor games tunes their brain to think and teaches finger movement, concentration and other motor skills, while sports like running improves their stamina and strength. Both types of activities are important for the child’s development as they learn rules of the games, counting, waiting for its turn and sportsmanship.

Parents who take care of their children will always remember their progress of blooming into future citizens of the nation under their right care.

Written by Warren Edwards

Warren Edwards is a 29-year-old junior doctor who enjoys drone photography, podcasting and donating blood. He is friendly and creative, but can also be very pessimistic and a bit impatient.