Local Or International? Which school is more beneficial for your child

Moving abroad is difficult enough you do not need the added pressure of having to choose the right school for your kid. There were a lot of people who had to choose to send their child to a local school abroad due to various kinds of economic constraints that were put on them. However, as the economy has begun to recover these constraints have begun to disappear and has opened up a lot of different options for your child. The initial interest of all parents is to develop a child that is globally competitive and this is most often done by sending them to international schools. The international schools in Singapore are particularly popular with many parents choosing to send their expat kid there. .

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The first step in choosing the right school is knowing your options

International Schools

These were initially founded in order to serve the expatriate population. Today is a global economy and hence the number of international schools in an area are constantly on the rise. The international school may be useful to your child as they will offer education in a language other than the local language. The curriculum and the teaching method can also be different than that of the local school. Choosing an international school means that the child will be in the same grade as the home country and thus they will not miss out on any valuable time catching up with the rest of the class. It also means that they will be able to resume school in the same grade if they ever move back to the home country.

Local Schools

In these schools, language may be a barrier in case the local language is different from the language that the child knows and is comfortable with. However, being able to integrate into the local education system at local schools can go so much beyond just dealing with the language barrier, the child will have to adopt the local culture, traditions, goals, philosophies, and also the different kind of teaching method that the teachers there may have. This can be difficult for the child and they may fall behind the rest of the class.

While the parents need to consider the economic aspect of education they also have to be very careful in choosing the right school for their child as it can have a huge impact on the child’s future.

Written by Warren Edwards

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